Compressor Control

Most HVAC systems are made up of inefficient fixed-speed compressors and scroll compressors. This makes up 60% of the market. With the installation of our exclusive variable speed technology, most 3-phase fixed speed compressors can be retrofitted making them more reliable and up to 50% more energy efficient. After identifying the appropriate application and equipment SPEP will move forward with the installation. Our device will control the compressor, condenser fan motor, and evaporator fan using a temp sensor. The device will allow for a soft start with variable speeds to save energy.


  • Variable Refrigerant Volume Control Technology-based solution
  • Multiple action Closed Loop Controller
  • Minimal set-up time = Reduced Installation Cost
  • No intrusion into the refrigeration cycle (“refrigerant lines”)
  • Invisible downtime installation
  • Reliable even on low refrigerant-charged working system
  • Only solution to deliver savings of up to 50% on the HVAC Electricity
  • Less wear and tear on the compressor

Fast Easy Install

  1. Plug & Play Install
  2. Dual Mode Control Compressor or Fan
  3. No Shutdown Costs
  4. It is so easy to install, that electricians can install the SCC Solution
  5. No Cranes or Scissor Lifts Required

Synchronized Compressor Control Installed