Welcome to Single Point Energy Pros (SPEP), the nexus of innovation and energy efficiency. Our foundation is the diverse expertise of our team, comprising Master Electricians, Certified Energy Managers, General Contractors, Engineers, and Lighting Certified professionals. Together, we are committed to providing comprehensive design-build turnkey energy service projects from our headquarters in McKinney, Texas, the heart of our operations. In line with our commitment to diversity and supporting the communities we serve, SPEP proudly subcontracts 100% of our work to minority and veteran-owned small businesses.

Our history began in 1992 with KeyStone, evolving into Keystone Energy through the visionary leadership of the Single Point Energy Pros founder. Since its inception in 2017, SPEP has leveraged decades of industry experience to emerge as a leader in energy savings and services. Our mission is to assist commercial and industrial clients in achieving their sustainability goals while minimizing energy consumption. This dedication has led to the successful completion of projects across the nation.

Originally focusing on lighting upgrades, we have since expanded our expertise to include a broad spectrum of energy conservation measures. Our proprietary technology and holistic approach allow us to identify and implement cost-effective, comprehensive energy solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

At SPEP, we ensure that our clients can continue their business operations smoothly as we execute design-build turnkey upgrades. We specialize in transforming wasted energy and inefficiencies into cost savings and reduced carbon footprints. Our process starts with a complimentary energy waste analysis, followed by meticulous project management that encompasses everything from material management to project tracking, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

We offer an extensive range of energy solutions, from engineering analysis to energy conservation, power generation, energy storage, retrofitting, new construction, and risk management strategies. Our aim is to boost the value and operational profit of your facility by integrating the latest energy management and co-generation technologies. With innovative financing options, SPEP strives to make our solutions accessible and impactful, targeting significant energy reductions and, in some cases, complete grid independence.

SPEP delivers solutions nationally in lighting, HVAC, controls, energy management systems, and power factor correction, as well as cutting-edge energy storage, and solar. We are dedicated to providing reliable, profitable energy solutions that are customized to our customers’ unique requirements, ensuring sustainability and efficiency for the long term.