Phase I: Synchronized Compressor Control

Considering that HVAC systems typically account for about 50% of the electric bill, there are substantial savings to be gained by improving their efficiency. With our exclusive technology, SPEP offers a compressor control solution that allows the compressor to operate at varying speeds, eliminating abrupt starts in favor of smoother ones. Our easy-to-install plug-and-play system requires no cutting of lines and does not void warranties. Moreover, its lightweight and compact design enable installation within a single workday. Depending on the type of HVAC system, additives can also be incorporated to clean and enhance system performance, potentially extending its lifespan and reducing bills by an additional 5 – 10%.


  • Variable Refrigerant Volume Control Technology-based solution
  • Multiple action Closed Loop Controller
  • Minimal set-up time = Reduced Installation Cost
  • No intrusion into the refrigeration cycle (“refrigerant lines”)
  • Invisible downtime installation
  • Reliable even on low refrigerant-charged working system
  • Only solution to deliver savings of up to 50% on the HVAC Electricity
  • Less wear and tear on the compressor

Fast Easy Install

  1. Plug & Play
  2. Dual Mode Control Compressor or Fan
  3. No Shutdown Costs
  4. Electricians can easily install
  5. No Cranes or Scissor Lifts Required

Synchronized Compressor Control Installed

Synchronized Compressor Control Installed

Energy Efficiency