Commercial Organizations We Serve

US businesses and individuals waste a staggering $130 billion per year on energy. This statistic, reported by McKinsey & Company in 2009, highlights the immense potential for savings within commercial organizations.

Further research reveals additional areas of inefficiency: According to the 2009 PC Energy Report,

  • US businesses allow $2.8 billion in waste annually to power idle PCs.
  • Commercial buildings waste an alarming 30% of energy, as reported by the US Department of Energy.
  • Despite nearly two-thirds of companies committing to energy efficiency, a Deloitte survey named resources 2012 found that very few actually make significant improvements.

If your business isn’t prioritizing energy efficiency, you may be missing out on a significant competitive advantage. While many businesses express commitment to efficiency, only a minority take actionable steps to achieve it.

By proactively addressing energy consumption, your business can gain a strategic edge over competitors who lag behind in efficiency measures.

Energy Solutions for Your Organization

When was the last time you evaluated your organization’s energy usage? If you haven’t, you could be overlooking potential savings that could fuel growth or improve services.

At SPE Energy Services, we help organize the following business types:

  • Manufacturing
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitals
  • White-collar Offices

If your business hasn’t conducted a thorough analysis of its energy usage, you might be squandering valuable resources that could otherwise drive growth.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you optimize your energy costs and propel your organization towards greater efficiency and success.