Solar: Roof, Ground Mount with Trackers, and Solar Canopy

After optimizing energy usage in the initial phases, SPE will accurately determine the power required to operate your facility, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to sustainable solutions extends to the installation of solar-covered parking structures, which offer a multitude of benefits for your business and your customers.

By incorporating solar-covered parking, you can significantly reduce electricity expenses while enhancing the overall customer experience. These structures provide more than just a shaded parking area—they also offer valuable amenities that contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

First and foremost, the solar panels on these structures provide reliable protection from the elements, shielding vehicles and customers alike from excessive heat and rain. This not only improves comfort but also preserves the condition of vehicles, ultimately extending their lifespan.

Additionally, the integrated lighting systems in these structures ensure well-lit parking areas, enhancing safety and visibility for customers during both daytime and nighttime hours. With improved lighting, customers feel more secure and confident when visiting your establishment, leading to a positive impression and increased foot traffic.

Furthermore, solar-covered parking structures can offer enhanced security features, such as surveillance cameras and emergency call boxes, to further bolster safety and peace of mind for customers. This added layer of security can be a significant selling point for your business, attracting more customers and instilling trust in your establishment.