REDUCE: Synchronized Compressor Control

Considering that HVAC systems typically account for about 50% of the electric bill, there are substantial savings to be realized by improving their efficiency. With our exclusive technology, SPE offers a synchronized compressor control solution that allows the compressor to operate at varying speeds, eliminating abrupt starts in favor of smoother ones. Our easy-to-install plug-and-play system requires no cutting of lines and does not void warranties. Moreover, its lightweight and compact design enable installation within a single workday. Depending on the type of HVAC system, additives can also be incorporated to clean and enhance system performance, potentially extending its lifespan and reducing bills by an additional 5 – 10%. 

Controls the compressor, the condenser fan motor & the evaporator fan motor via a simple temperature pipe sensor.

How Our Solution is Different

  • Algorithm controls based on temperature as opposed to pressure, synchronizing the space’s heating cooling needs to the most efficient
  • The temperature‐based algorithm protects the compressor from being damaged by overheating
  • Delivers an intelligent oil return sequence to protect the compressor
  • Does not void any equipment warranty because the refrigerant lines are never opened or compromised in anyway
  • Comes with integrated alarming that notifies the equipment operation personnel and/or equipment owner of faults with compressor operation
  • Protects the compressor for voltage spikes (i.e. Electrical Storm Induced) and any grid related power problems that can damage the compressor
  • Eliminates short cycling by slowly ramping up the compressor and slowly decelerating the compressor, preventing the on/off cycling that mechanically stresses the compressor


  • Variable Refrigerant Volume Control Technology-based solution
  • Multiple action Closed Loop Controller
  • Minimal set-up time = Reduced Installation Cost
  • No intrusion into the refrigeration cycle (“refrigerant lines”)
  • Invisible downtime installation
  • Reliable even on a low refrigerant-charged working system
  • Only solution to deliver savings of up to 50% on the HVAC Electricity
  • Less wear and tear on the compressor

Fast Easy Install

  • Plug & Play Install 
  • Dual Mode Control Compressor or Fan 
  • No Shutdown Cost 
  • Electricians Can Easily Install 
  • No Cranes or Scissor Lifts Required