Eric Probst


Eric is a market-leading professional with a strong focus on sales innovation and building customer relationships, particularly in energy conservation. His notable achievements include leading LED retrofit projects as National Sales & Installation Manager at Single Point Energi Pros. Eric’s career features key roles in sales and project management across various companies, including Dalrada Energy Services and Empire Paper Company, enhancing sales strategies and account management. His contributions at The Safety Zone and OfficeMax/Office Depot significantly boosted sales and distribution efforts. A passionate advocate for energy efficiency, Eric excelled in national sales and project management at Keystone Energy. Holding Series 7 and Texas Life Insurance certifications, Eric brings deep knowledge and impactful expertise to the energy sector.

Robert Fouquet


Robert is a distinguished leader with over 25 years of expertise in sales, project consultancy, and construction. He has helped hundreds of families and individuals create their dream homes, providing innovative solutions to unique homeownership challenges. With a specialization in drafting and design for more than 13 years, Robert’s forward-thinking approach has contributed significantly to initiatives like Restore Louisiana. Known for his mastery in design, site management, and professional sales, he is celebrated for his outstanding customer service and leadership skills. Robert’s deep knowledge of customer relations and design keeps him at the forefront of industry advancements, enabling him to offer cutting-edge solutions. His dedication to crafting tailored housing solutions and his proficiency in both managerial and technical capacities establish him as a trusted authority in the field.

Ronald Hisel

Solar Fleet Manager

 Ronald is a seasoned executive with over 25 years in construction management, including 13 years in renewable energy. His leadership has driven over 28,000 residential solar installations, focusing on underserved communities, more than 60 commercial projects across 13 states, and significant multi-housing military projects. Known for his problem-solving skills, Ronald has significantly contributed to CF Breeze Recovery’s rapid growth. He’s held pivotal roles, including SVP of Operations at PosiGen, advocating for solar access for all income levels, and COO positions at Virginia’s top solar provider Sigora Solar, BLG Solar, and others. Ronald’s expertise spans consulting for solar firms, working with Green Banks, and engaging with top financial institutions in the construction and solar sectors. He also co-founded Lifeline Energy, a solar module company, later sold and rebranded as 1SolTech.

Trey Gardner


Trey Gardner is a seasoned leader with expertise in government contracting, business development, consulting, and entrepreneurship. With a proven track record of overseeing disaster and mission-critical mobilizations, he ensures successful outcomes through meticulous attention to detail and strategic foresight. Trey’s proficiency in securing over 400 negotiated construction projects within the Federal 8(a) Program highlights his understanding of government procurement intricacies. He excels in forging strong partnerships, navigating regulatory frameworks, and driving growth. As Vice President in various organizations, Trey fosters innovation and progress, inspiring teams to exceed expectations. Additionally, his role in real estate development and investment management showcases his ability to identify lucrative opportunities and drive profitable ventures.


Joseph M. Myerchin


Co-Founder / President of Storz Power. Storz Power has been at the forefront of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for almost 10 years installing 1,000’s of systems both utility-tied (AC) and off-grid (DC).  Pioneering the integration of ESS, solar, wind, alternative fuels, generators, hybrid inverters and EV charging technologies and establishing systems for the forensic auditing of utility bills. Experienced in OEM manufacturing and importing of 100’s of containers from the orient.  A licensed California Realtor for over 25 years for project/energy developments. 


Ret. 3 Star General Russel Honoré


Commander of the JTF for Hurricane Katrina

Brian Trascher


Government Relations Director

Noah Hardie


Insurance Expert