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REDUCE: Dynamic Energy Optimization (DEO)

What is Power Factor?

Power factor measures how efficiently your home or business uses electricity. It compares the useful (true) power consumed to the total (apparent) power available. The closer your power factor is to 100%, the more effectively your equipment is using electricity. If your electrical system’s efficiency falls below 95%, you may incur a power factor charge on your electricity bill. These charges can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month, depending on your facility’s size.

Our Solution

At Single Point Energy (SPE), we aim to optimize your system to achieve a 99% power factor, eliminating the need for power factor charges. Our exclusively licensed dynamic energy optimization device uses capacitors to improve how electricity flows from the utility. These capacitors stabilize the power supply to handle your facility’s changing demands efficiently. The dynamic energy optimization device can be installed in just one day (weather permitting). Once installed, property owners can immediately see tangible results in their energy efficiency and cost savings.

Advantages of Dynamic Energy Optimization

DEO: Unpacking for installation

DEO: 99% efficiency from 75%